Protect SF
Emergency Response Training


Actions speak louder than words, they say. But even special forces veterans have a message to deliver.

Protect SF comprises of several well-trained, British Special Forces veterans, offering the skills they learned the hard way, to multi-national businesses. The owner and founder of Protect SF asked if I'd be willing to help him develop his brand, and create his message. He explained that he would put me through the courses they offer, during which I'd have to escape, blindfolded, from a burning building. A masked gunman would, at some point over the course of the weekend, kick the door in, and either shoot me, or take me hostage. And he would see how my self-defense holds up against one of his team - an ex Royal Marine Commando. 

Naturally, I said yes.

'A masked gunman would either shoot me, or take me hostage...'

All I had to do, was to document what the business offers. To define their message. To put into words what the five most intense men I have ever met in my life, had taught me. And then I had to translate those values into business outcomes their customers would understand. 

If you've read about any of my other projects, you'll know by now that I do not do things by halves. If I was to create something special for this business, I needed to truly understand it. I needed to fill in the detail that I hadn't picked up during my weekend of training, mostly due to be shocked into submission. Therefore, I slapped myself in the face a few times, and enlisted to go through it again.

The results were surprising. The experiences had given me plenty to work with. I developed training material, and copy for the website. I later attended as a guest to shoot the process, and capture stills for PR purposes. And then finally, to capture the business' purpose, I developed a tagline for them. A single, succinct phrase that encapsulates everything Protect SF strives to deliver to its customers. 

'What's your plan?'

PROTECT LR copy.png

Added value.

As rich and fulfilling as my career has been, being a special forces operator is not on my resume. However, I was still able to add value through the one key skill every copywriter and marketeer should hone - listening. 

Yes, the experiences taught me a great deal, and from them I was able to develop an understanding of the outcomes Protect SF deliver. But what I brought to the table during that unforgettable project, was the ability to articulate in words how each of the students felt when the course was over. We looked at our workplaces in a new light, we sought the risks, and we although the odds are slim that we'd ever have to use our newfound skills, we had the awareness and confidence to deal with problems we'd never even considered. 

To an international organisation seeking to secure the lives of its international employees, that sentiment alone is a powerful message to deliver. 


I'm John Weston, a freelance copywriter, photographer, and marketeer based in Lincolnshire, UK. I help brands deliver the right message to the right audience.

I am an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author with more than thirty published novels. 

I am an experienced and published photographer, specialising in corporate, product, architecture, and interior design. 

And I bring a well-rounded set of marketing skills to any project I work on.


I have included a select few projects to display in my portfolio. Enough, I believe to demonstrate my experience, and capabilities, but mostly, these are the projects that stand out in my mind as being particularly influential in my career.


Aside from these projects, I have been fortunate enough to work in various capacities with brands such as Foster & Partners, Walt Disney, Facebook, Eversheds LLP, King and Spalding LLP, Apple, and many more. 


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