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3,000 images, website copy, and email marketing - not your average photography gig.

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to be involved in some wild projects. I've been flown around the world to photograph weddings, I've been through training programs led by special forces operators so I can write training materials, and I've joined a team of professionals on one of the biggest book launches I've ever heard of, with a USA Today bestselling author. 

But when I landed the RedEye Stock project, I couldn't recall ever being asked to deliver more than 3,000 high-quality images to kick off a brand new stock photography website. 

"Did you say, three thousand images?" I asked.

"More than that, if you can," came the reply. "And we're going to need some copy for the website and emails."

"No problem, at all," I said. 

"Did you say, three thousand images?" I asked

In the end, I produced nearly 5,000 images for RedEye Stock over a three-month period. I lined up a photography studio, shortlisted models, and worked with RedEye Stock to procure props and wardrobe. A significant amount of time was applied to researching what styles were being used in media graphics, with a view to projecting where trends would lead. As with any media, it's always better to lead an industry, rather than picking up the pieces at the back of the queue.

'It's always better lead an industry, rather than picking up the pieces at the back of the queue...'

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Added value.

The thing about being a writer and photographer, is that the more experience you gain, the more value you add. Much the same, I imagine, as other professions. But with the RedEye Stock project, I was in my absolute element. ​The primary audience for RedEye Stock are digital creatives such as book cover designers, and media graphic designers - an industry I have been working in for more than a decade. 

Sometimes the value I bring to the table does not come in the form of the skill I was hired for. Experience counts for a great deal when I'm discussing project with clients, and fresh perspectives can spark absolute magic. 


I'm John Weston, a freelance copywriter, photographer, and marketeer based in Lincolnshire, UK. I help brands deliver the right message to the right audience.

I am an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author with more than thirty published novels. 

I am an experienced and published photographer, specialising in corporate, product, architecture, and interior design. 

And I bring a well-rounded set of marketing skills to any project I work on.


I have included a select few projects to display in my portfolio. Enough, I believe to demonstrate my experience, and capabilities, but mostly, these are the projects that stand out in my mind as being particularly influential in my career.


Aside from these projects, I have been fortunate enough to work in various capacities with brands such as Foster & Partners, Walt Disney, Facebook, Eversheds LLP, King and Spalding LLP, Apple, and many more. 


I'd like to add your brand to my growing list of delighted clients.

Every element of your message or project needs to be aligned. That's where I come in. Whatever type of message you're looking to deliver, I'm sure I can help.

Let's work together.