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Jack Cartwright
USA Today Bestselling Author

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The project was wild. The outcome was beyond expectations.

Perhaps my largest project to date. The Wild Fens Murder Mystery project was perhaps my most varied to date. Developing copy for the website, book descriptions, and even the Kickstarter campaign was just the beginning. 

Launching ten books in a single year, Jack wanted perfection. Thankfully, his team are exceptional. From the editors and proofreaders to cover and graphic designers. The whole project ran smoothly, and without hiccup. Why? Because at every stage of the project, we were all working towards a clear, and reachable, goal. To launch ten brand new murder mystery books in nine months.

We developed a plan to maximise efficiency, we spoke daily sometimes, and we all pulled together knowing that should one of us miss a deadline, the rest of the team would be affected.

'We were all working towards a clear, and reachable goal...'



I am extremely proud to have worked on the Wild Fens project. The experience reaffirmed one crucial element of my well-rounded theory. An integrated campaign is key to success.

I brought a few of my skills to the team, and I'm pleased to say my efforts were well-received. Not only did I craft the book descriptions, website copy, email marketing, and Kickstarter campaign, but I delivered some location-based photography to the mix, as well as video scripts for Jack's website and marketing. 

It's safe to say, the Wild Fens project will be a hard one to beat for me.


Added value.

With more than thirty published novels to my name, I knew exactly what was needed to pull this epic project off. My familiarity within the publishing industry gave me an advantage that I leveraged to its fullest. The Wild fens project, however, was no walk in the park. 

My experience afforded the opportunity to format books in paperback, large print, hardback, and eBook, plus provide the narrative for the audiobook production. 

My individual project deadlines inter-spliced with the rest of the teams', and it seemed like every day I called upon my previous experience to get keep the ball rolling, to keep momentum building, and to develop finished pieces of work that fit together like clockwork. 

If you're a fan of crime novels, then I highly recommend the Wild Fens Murder Mysteries. It's no mystery however, how the project came to fruition ahead of schedule. It was the result of an integrated marketing plan, and lot of hard work. 

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